Come on Jesse Think

Come on Jesse Think


I think they just shoot anyone with a lightsaber unless said otherwise which is why they also went after Maul.


Um *cough* maul didn’t have a lightsaber


Well he did


He didn't have it on him at the moment order 66 was initiated if i recall correctly


Correct, he even asks Ahsoka if he can have his saber when she lets him go, and she says no


Yes but he was still able to use the force and had a lightsaber before hand which was why he was targeted during Order 66.


Cody says they had explicit separate orders for Ahsoka and Maul.


Or is Jedi just used synonymous with force user?


It’s not


Original video: https://youtu.be/tHXGVwsPb-8 OP didn't give credit


Sorry roger I forgot but you are correct that is from that video


That's the wrong helmet for Jesse


I think it's because she's still in the Republic's records as a Jedi. So, she technically still is a Jedi on paper.


Nope, that ceased to be the case when she was expelled. It's really because she was clearly someone Palpatine wanted to get rid of, so he included her in order 66.


Okay, I guess? But Order 66 specifically stated that all *Jedi* must be executed for treason against the Republic. I doubt Palpatine left any wiggle room for potential loopholes in Order 66 that says, "And anyone who disagrees with me or tries to rebel against me, too".


Well at the start of the briefing after she escapes the initial order, Rex first says that *she's* been marked for termination by Order 66. So while the order was for jedi, palpatine probably just kept her in there cause of her relationship to Anakin. It's very possible when you also consider the part rex mentioned about noncompliant soldiers also being terminated. Rex knows all those guys are under the influence of the chip. But *just in case* (cause of Fives) there were some who weren't, he had to put that part in.


Let’s also not forget that Rex sent clones to kill maul as well. He is definitely not a jedi


TLDR: it was probably moreso an order to kill force users. There just werent any other sith so we got the description we got. Plus Maul knew more than most because of his relationship to Sidious. Well it's probably another special order. Palpatine was trying to assume power over the galaxy and this order was a means to do so quickly. Maul wasnt a jedi but he was apprenticed to Palpatine for quite some time. He more than likely had information that could hinder his plans... or even his contingencies. Think about how many secret things the people closest to you know about you. While Maul does state that he doesnt know the details of palpatines grand plan while he's interrogating Jesse, you should think back to his conversation with Savage when he was first "resurrected" since TPM. Maul: "The Force feels... out of balance." Savage: "Yes. There is conflict. The Clone Wars." Maul: "Ah, yes. So it began... without me." Knowing this info only sparks debate about what else he could've known even dating farther into the future than the OT.


Vader was exempted from the order, so it wasn't simply all force-wielders. I'm guessing that Palpatine knew about Mail and Ahsoka being on that ship, so he gave a specific order to kill them both.


It's possible that Rex just chose to have Maul killed as a precaution, not because he was actually marked for termination by order 66. The clones all immediately attacked Ahsoka as soon as the order happened. They didn't go after Maul until Rex told them to.


Jesse: Hold on, this whole operation was your idea


But… but Rex, good soldiers follow orders


To the clones, as well as everyone else, she was still Comander Tano, Jedi.


Told ya Jesse…


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