Am I getting Old?

Am I getting Old?


I think you need the “not 1p_LSD” thread. This thread is for people who got theirs


You are getting old. We all are.


Lel. Sacko


Well, ain't nobody gettin' any younger.


Try again… different vendor


Probably not as old as I, I always had real L-25 in the eighties, usually always bought a 100 tab sheet so I wouldn’t run out, even back then it would come and go, but it was always good and cheap $250-300 a sheet, a 1/4 Would get u off good, usually only did a half most of the time but 1 or 2 for special occasions, which L was always a special occasion, I’m looking now and I would like to find a Sheet. L is the best.


Think I've gotten all y'all beaten. Remember having a choice of Orange Sunshine, Purple Haze 4 way hits. For you babes, 4 people could trip well on one hit. That hit cost $1.25-50. Never heard any mention that it might contain "nasties, " except an occasional scary story about someone you didn't know who got some strychnine mixed in with their acid. I'd take half a hit one afternoon then the rest around 11 the next morning. So much for sharing a little with my friends, but they had enough to get their own 4-way hits. We (longhairs and chics) would gather at a local park at about 1:30 on Sunday afternoon. Go ahead, call me a dinosaur, but those were the good old days,




Lol thank you all for this, I am LMAO!!